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Injury advice from Rory Holliday Physiotherapy

Common injuries and advice

Rory Holliday PhysiotherapyRory Holliday is a physiotherapist based at LA fitness Yeadon offering injury treatment and sports massage. To book an appointment with him please call 07854 870 865.

Simple foam roller exercises

By Rory Holliday

Using a foam roller can be an effective way of releasing tight and highly toned muscles. As part of a regular mobilising programme I recommend 3-4 sessions a week with a couple of minutes being spent on each location. If especially tender or tight, more frequent use might be required. Should it hurt? Not significantly. It should be tolerable, if a little tender. It gets easier with increased use. I promise!


With one foot and both hands supporting your weight, roll up and down allowing as much body weight as tolerable to go through the calf. Cross supporting leg over rolling leg to increase load. Turn the foot of rolling leg inwards or outwards to target different parts of the muscle.


As with the calf, place the back of the thigh over the roller whilst maintaining most of the body weight through the hands and supporting foot. Roll forwards and backwards from bum to back of knee. Cross supporting leg over rolling leg to increase intensity and and turn the foot inwards and outwards to target the whole of the hamstring.

Sit on the roller with hands behind and the feet in front. Cross the ankle over the opposite knee and lean toward the side you crossed. With small forward and backward rolls and a little rock from side to side, you should find the odd tender spot.]In a press up position, lower one thigh onto the roller and bend the other knee up so the supporting foot can be placed on the floor. Put your hands far enough forward so that you can pull with the arms as you push with your foot. Ideally the foot of the leg being rolled should be off the floor. Turn your foot inwards and outwards to reach all parts of the thigh.

Iliotibial Band (ITB)

Move easily from Quad into ITB by turning onto the hip side being rolled. Pull with hands whilst pushing with supporting foot to roll over as far as possible. Again, turn the foot in and outwards to target all portions of the ITB .

Rather than a muscle release, this more of a joint mobiliser. It is effective anywhere between the shoulder blades and the lower back. Keep the bum on the floor and try not to arch the lower back upwards as the shoulders go down to the floor. Try several locations on the spine to see where you are stiff.

Thoracic and Lumbar Extensors

Go straight from the last exercise into this by lifting the bum to shoulder height and roll up and down the back by pulling the knees to bend then pushing to straighten. Try and keep spine parallel to floor. Lean a little from side to side to target each side

Rory's Zumba clinic - Shin Splints

I wonder how many patients I've seen with shin splints caused by doing exercise like Zumba. Quite a few I'd say. "I don't know how it happened" is the usual line. Well, there are a few common reasons.

  • Usually sufferers are new to dance exercise.
  • If not, then they have recently increased their load. (Going from 1 to 2 classes per week is double the volume)
  • As you get fitter, you tend to do more of the impactive (damaging) parts of the class you were avoiding or missing before.
  • There is usually a history of lower limb, or spinal problems.

Add to that the fact that venue floors are not the springiest and that you don't do a deal of warm up or cool down then you have some idea why.

So, what can you do to prevent and manage the problem? Well in a nutshell the answers come out of the causes above.

  • If you are new to dance, take time to learn the timing and coordination of the routine, that will help keep your movements efficient and less impactive.
  • If you want to increase your classes then do but perhaps take it a bit easier for a while in the new class. Do a different day rather than back to back classes initially.
  • Learn to be springy when landing, bouncing or changing direction (I know, easier said than done). Think about the noise you make on impact and quieten it down, this means you're spreading load more efficiently.
  • Stretching and strengthening can help but that can be quite specific to the individual requirements.
  • Come and see me, the Zumba "team physio" for a thorough assessment and treatment plan.

There you are. My first little Zumba clinic. For appointments, questions or article suggestions call me on 07854 870 865 or email mail@roryhollidayphysiotherapy. Find me on Facebook and I'll even be your friend!


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